Cost of Living in Chandler, Arizona

Chandler, Arizona, has been one of the fastest growing cities in the Phoenix Metro Area. With the affordable cost of living in Chandler, a beautiful desert landscape to call home, and a safe environment in which to raise a family, it’s easy to see why it’s consistently rated as one of the best places to live. As the city grows and the cost of living changes, let’s break down some of the costs, and everything Chandler, AZ, has to offer!

General Cost of Living in Chandler, AZ


Transportation Costs in Chandler 

When we break down the cost of living in Chandler, you’ll find it to be pretty affordable with a couple of exceptions; the cost of transportation and housing. This is a common theme you’ll find pretty much anywhere in the Phoenix Metro valley, and isn’t Chandler specific.

Transportation costs in Arizona are pretty high due to higher vehicle registration costs and insurance rates, and few options when it comes to public transportation. Though you’ll hear people all over the country mention Arizona is such an affordable place to live, they probably aren’t actually living there and paying for their car! But the good news is, if you can handle a couple exorbitant prices here and there, the cost of living in Chandler is otherwise very affordable.

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Housing Costs in Chandler

Housing costs in Chandler (as well as everywhere else in the Phoenix Metro Area) are on the rise and will probably only keep getting higher. Perhaps the world has caught on to all the wonderful things Arizona can offer its residents, but for whatever reason, these housing prices are not likely to go back down. The median home cost in Chandler is about $320,000, which might seem low if you’re moving from a big city, or the expensive coastal areas. But for the rest of America (which is most of us) this is higher than the national average, and unfortunately; this number is realistically likely on the lower end of the housing prices.

The competition is growing daily for these few homes here and there that are on the cheaper end, so get ready to compete with other home buyers. This higher than average housing rate is across the board, too; when you compare renting versus owning a home. Whether you rent an apartment or home, or own a condo or home, you’ll probably be paying a little bit more in Chandler than other places. If you ever feel like it’s too much, just look up the rent for a studio apartment in New York City, and you’ll feel much better!

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Nationally Comparable Cost of Living Categories

Now let’s get to the good stuff! We’ve talked about how housing and transportation is slightly higher in Chandler, but basically everything else is at the national average or lower! Groceries, healthcare, utilities, essentially every expense you come across in your day to day life will be pretty reasonable in Chandler. There are plenty of ways to get outdoors that cost nothing, and you’re a quick drive from even more great outdoor destinations like Lake Powell or The Superstition Mountains. Dining out and other entertainment is very affordable, and even gas seems to be on par with the national average, in case you just need to get out of town for a little bit!

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Three Important Costs to Consider if Moving to Chandler, AZ

Though most costs of living in Chandler are reasonably priced, there are a few concrete costs that will always be high and probably never change for residents of the Phoenix Metro Area, so be sure you’ve considered these before deciding to call this desert oasis your new home!


HOA Fees

Chandler is considered to be a particularly beautiful neighborhood, and that’s due in part to the HOA’s. Almost all the neighborhoods in Chandler have Home Owners Associations which help to keep the landscaping and sidewalks maintained and the homes well kept and tidy looking.

Some people dislike HOA’s because they “tell you what to do” so to speak; with your own property, but more importantly, they have fees, and they usually aren’t cheap (sometimes all the way up to $300 a month!) This money goes towards the neighborhood and its maintenance, but some people really don’t want to be a part of a subdivision with an HOA. If you are one of them, you’ll find it difficult to find an area in Chandler without one, and as we mentioned before, the competition will be fierce.

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Cost of Pools in Chandler

With an endless summer, and even winter days full of warm, desert sunshine, pools in Arizona are extremely common. If you have never had a pool before, it can really be a learning curve. You might not be familiar with how expensive they are not only to build, but regularly maintain.

Of course; like any home amenity, pools range from big to small, heated or not, large area to entertain or just a hole in the ground with water in it….the list goes on, but either way, they are expensive. On the lowest end, if you are putting in the pool yourself, estimate about $25,000 to have it built and ready to operate. You might find a pool to actually be more affordable than you had originally estimated, but it’s still an expense to consider before moving to Chandler. It’s a great way to beat the heat during those long summer days, and once you have paid for it and its maintenance, using it costs no more than you’re already paying. After all, you don’t want to be the only one of your friends without a pool!

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 Summer Season Electricity Costs

Anywhere you chose to live in the world is going to have some sort of environmental drawback. If you live in Fargo, ND, you’ll expect high gas or electric bills in the winter to keep your home warm enough to live in. If you live in Seattle, WA, you’ll invest in plenty of rain gear and expect mud and wetness to be tracked into the house regularly. And if you live in Chandler, you’ll expect your summer electricity costs to be high.  Even if you don’t keep your AC blasting all the time, it’s really hot in the summer. You’ll need to have air conditioning going, and if you have one of those great pools we talked about, the pump and filter will spike the bill too.

It’s important to consider this expense into your yearly budget, as costs may feel low during the winter, so just be prepared for it to be very different from May through September. 

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