5 Reasons to Move to Ahwatukee Phoenix Arizona

Ahwatukee is a popular Phoenix neighborhood, but even locals might find themselves saying “Ah-Wah-What? Where? I’ve never heard of that place!” Ahwatukee seems to be one of Phoenix’s best kept secrets nestled in the foothills of the South Mountain Park and Preserve. With the beauty of the mountains backed right up to Ahwatukee, this neighborhood is an adventurer’s paradise. But this area isn’t just for those who hear “the mountains calling, and must go.” With excellent schools, beautiful homes, and some of the best restaurants in the valley, check out five reasons to consider moving to Ahwatukee.

Why move to Ahwatukee Arizona

1. Great Location:

Though many refer to Ahwatukee as if it were its own town, it is still part of Phoenix proper. With the large and spread out nature of Phoenix, location is extremely important when you are thinking about what part of town you might want to live in. Being “way out there” might sound serene, but it’s going to be a huge headache when it comes to trying to get around town.

Ahwatukee is extremely well located for a variety of reasons. Sitting just on the west side of Interstate 10, and north of Highway 202, Ahwatukee is within reach of just about anywhere in town due to its proximity to main thoroughfares. It also borders Tempe, and Chandler, two very popular places to live and play in Phoenix. The airport is close as well, being only about a ten minute drive from Ahwatukee. This entire neighborhood is central to the action, especially everything going on in the southern end of Phoenix.

Ahwatukee is considered by locals to be sectioned into two separate areas: 

  1. Old Ahwatukee, the area that falls in the 85044 zip code
  2. and New Ahwatukee, the southernmost part of Ahwatukee (near the Chandler border) which lies in the 85048 zip code.

The newer area of Ahwatukee is, as you might assume, a little nicer and more modern, but by no means write off the older, more established parts either. Most of the homes in Ahwatukee are free standing, single family dwellings, with three to four bedrooms. Even the older homes here are very well kept and updated. If you think Ahwatukee will be a more affordable part of town due to its older nature, think again, because many of these little single story homes are going for a million or more dollars. With the low end being prohibitive to some, for those with deep pockets, there are some absolutely stunning homes in Ahwatukee that have sold recently for a few million dollars.

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2. Outdoor Fun near Ahwatukee:

With the close access to the South Mountain Park and Preserve (known to locals as just “South Mountain”) the outdoor opportunities are endless in Ahwatukee. One could live in Ahwatukee for decades and likely not be able to explore every trail in the area. Having this massive recreational area right outside your door is a huge draw to the outdoor adventure crowd.

Though nearly all Phoenicians enjoy getting out and about in nature, not all parts of town are particularly close. The South Mountain Park and Preserve covers an area of more than 16,000 acres, and is one of the largest managed parks in America. Three mountain ranges call the preserve home: The Ma Ha Tauk, The Gila, and The Guadalupe ranges. 

Perhaps one of the best things about South Mountain is the accessibility, as there are many trailheads and entrances to the park, often backing right up to Ahwatukee neighborhoods. There are more than 50 miles of well kept trails weaving throughout these desert giants, and along the way you’re likely to run into plenty of desert flora and fauna. Hikers, bikers, trail runners and even equestrians frequent the park, and there is a wide range of options for different ability levels. Dobbins Lookout is one of the most popular areas in Phoenix to catch a sight of the glorious Valley of the Sun, and at 2, 330 feet in elevation, getting there is no walk in the park…well, actually it is!

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3. Beautiful, Unique Neighborhoods:

A drive through any of the neighborhoods in Ahwatukee will show clean yards, beautiful landscaping, and some very unique homes with plenty of southwestern character. Many older homes have been renovated, so the more established neighborhoods by no means have that run down feeling that can sometimes arise in an area that’s 40 or 50 years old. Because Ahwatukee was an affluent area when it was being developed, these homes have stood well to the test of time. Along with nicely maintained homes, you’ll notice the streets of Ahwatukee to be lined with beautiful, established greenery. You’ll see this in many of the older parts of Phoenix, but it’s particularly apparent here. The large and lush trees offer a somewhat cooling effect as well, which is ever appreciated when that desert sun beats down and the temperature climbs well into the triple digits.

If you’ve heard about Ahwatukee, you have likely also heard of Ahwatukee Foothills. This is actually a neighborhood within Ahwatukee, and not synonymous with the entire suburb. Even within Ahwatukee Foothills you can find a few different subdivisions.

This area is an attractive, newer part of Ahwatukee sitting at the base of the South Mountain Park and Preserve. These homes are spacious and aesthetic, with most of the construction taking place throughout the 1990s. This little pocket of town is lovely, but for a while it seemed to those who wanted to live there to present a bit of a headache. Until the construction of the 202 running right by, there was only one ingress/egress to this area, meaning getting to and from your home during peak traffic hours could be a nightmare. This traffic is now mitigated, however, and the whole neighborhood has seemingly opened up.

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4. Great Schools in Ahwatukee:

There is absolutely a broad demographic of residents living in Ahwatukee. There are singles, families, and retirees, so you’ll find a little bit of everything. But for families, one of the things that make Ahwatukee particularly appealing is the great school systems. It’s likely one of the biggest draws, in fact.

The Kyrene School District (which serves Chandler and southern Tempe as well) is one of the top rated school districts in the Phoenix Metro Area. The schools in Kyrene have a particularly high teacher retention rate, and many of the schools in the district are rated “A” schools by niche.com. These schools offer early second language courses, highly rated STEM courses, and a wide selection of after school activities. Pair the wonderful education with a safe and beautiful area, and you’ve checked off perhaps the most important boxes for families looking for their next place to call home.  If you can’t decide what part of Ahwatukee is right for you, and you have the opportunity to check out some of the schools before you move, this might help to make your decision.

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5. Proximity to Entertainment:

Don’t think that just because Ahwatukee is an older, established area that you won’t find trendy new places to eat. There are so many options here. A charming, mid-century themed spot, Snooze A.M Eatery is one of the most popular brunch spots in Phoenix. Everyone from adults to children are welcome to come enjoy a late morning feast of French toast or mimosas, and that even includes dogs on the patio! If your palate is craving a little Japanese fusion fare, RA Sushi Bar is as cool as it is delicious. This swanky and dimly lit location is also perfect for dinner and a movie, as it is just next door to the AMC movie theatre. If raw fish isn’t your thing, don’t worry, RA has an extensive menu and impressive cocktails to explore. Along with all the first-rate dining options in Ahwatukee, don’t forget that Chandler and Tempe are extremely close as well, both of which have a lot to offer the hungry patron.

If you want to try your hand with Lady Luck, the Wild Horse Pass Casino and Hotel is the perfect spot. Not only is it nice to escape that desert heat into the respite of a cool and dim casino, but you just might walk away with a handful of cash! The casino is not to be confused with the Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass, a lovely oasis resort with beautiful rooms and a stunning pool that’s perfect for getting away for a little staycation with the family, or a much needed break for just mom and dad.

Golfing in Ahwatukee, as it is just about anywhere in Phoenix, is easily accessible and prolific. You can find plenty of courses to hit throughout the year, especially during those winter months when the desert heat cools off a bit and the rest of the country is busy digging their cars out of snow banks.

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