What does $600k get you in Glendale, Arizona?

Buying a home in Glendale, Arizona, may prove to be more difficult now than ever before. With competitive bidding wars and a lack of options, buying anywhere is problematic. Glendale’s housing market may be competitive, but it’s still a great Phoenix suburb to raise a family in and find some of the more affordable housing in the area. Check out a few of the top Glendale neighborhoods and what you can expect to find under $600,000.

Neighborhoods in Glendale, Arizona

So many factors play into moving to a new city, and in the 2022 housing market, availability is one of the biggest. Despite your budget or preferences, there are just fewer homes to be had these days, and those few homes go fast. For the sake of assuming you want to be able to move into a home right away upon closing, we have picked neighborhoods for this list that offer move-in-ready homes. This doesn’t mean you might not want to do your own renovations down the road, it just means they are ready to go right now. There are certainly other options in Glendale, but this sampling will give you an idea of what is on the market currently.

West Glenn Estates:

The homes in West Glenn Estates are more or less about twenty years old; most of the construction in this neighborhood took place in the early 2000s. Some of the cabinetry might seem a bit outdated, but the open floor plans are nice and the homes feel roomy. A three-bed/two-bath home in West Glenn Estates is listed for $535,000 and has no HOA fees. This home has a three-car garage, and while it might need some renovations, it looks nice from the curb, as does the entire neighborhood.

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Coventry Estates:

A small step up from West Glenn Estates, Coventry Estates offers homes that are slightly more expensive due to the proximity of the new development just south of the 101. This nice neighborhood is a bit more upscale than the others and does have an HOA. Luckily, that fee is only $19 a month and provides access to the walking paths and small park with picnic grounds and a basketball court. A three-bed/two-bath home here is listed for $589,000.

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Hillcrest Ranch:

Our final neighborhood splits the difference between the former two. Built-in the late 1990s, these homes are certainly older, but with a great location, this is a pretty desirable neighborhood nonetheless. A 4 bed/two-bath home with a pool in Hillcrest Ranch is listed for $585,000. For just a bit less than the home in Coventry Estates, you get a pool and will be centrally located between a few great schools. This makes Hillcrest Ranch a great fit for families as the schools are practically walkable.

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