Peoria, Arizona Neighborhood Tour

On the northeast side of the Phoenix Metro Area, Peoria is a quiet and charming neighborhood nestled against the mountains. If you’re thinking of moving to Phoenix, take a look at the perks of this delightful suburb and what your dollar can buy in a few of the most popular Peoria neighborhoods.

Why should you move to Peoria, Arizona?

Peoria has Great schools:

There are two major school districts in Peoria: Peoria Unified School District and Deer Valley Unified District. Both of these school systems consistently score above average in ratings when compared to other school systems throughout the state, making Peoria a great place to raise a family.

The Booming economy and ample job opportunity:

In 2018, Peoria was rated in Money Magazine as one of the “Top 50 Cities to Live In” based on economic growth. No other city in Arizona even made it on the list! The rating factors used in this list were: high graduation rates, modest home prices, and a booming economy. As Peoria grows, it only offers more and more to its residents from an economic perspective.

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Peoria has plenty of fun things to do:

Peoria has a lot to offer its residents and visitors when it comes to activities! The West Wing Mountain Preserve on the north end of town offers beautiful vistas of the entire valley, for the hiker willing to put in the steps. Rio Vista Park, located in the center of the city, has a lake with fountains and gazebos, a skate park, a splash pad for the kids, and even an entertainment center. The New River Trail is a 16.5-mile paved trail perfect for joggers, bikers, and other pedestrians. Nearby Lake Pleasant is located right on the edge of town, and aside from its scenic beauty, offers an array of water fun activities on those hot Arizona days.

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Reasonable cost of living:

When compared with the national average, Peoria falls just above average when it comes to the cost of living. Considering everything this area has to offer, it’s actually shocking that it isn’t higher! As with nearly any Phoenix neighborhood in 2022, you will not find anything extremely cheap. But Peoria is a great place to look around in different price ranges, and because some parts of town are older, you can usually find something for less here than in other parts of town.

 Neighborhoods in Peoria, AZ

The Meadows


The newest neighborhood on our list, The Meadows is the perfect place to live if you want a new home and nice amenities. This entire part of town has a very new and fresh feeling. The parks here are nice as well, giving residents plenty of options to get out and get some fresh air while walking the dog or shooting hoops.

A four-bed, two-bath home in The Meadows is listed for $580,000, with an $80 monthly HOA fee. This ready-to-move-in home is well kept and new, though you may notice it sits on a small lot. This is common in this neighborhood. With beautiful views of the mountains and many schools nearby, The Meadows is an excellent family-friendly place to call home.

West Wing Mountain

On the far north side of Peoria, West Wing Mountain is a slightly older neighborhood. Many of the homes here were built in the early and mid-2000’s, but nearly all have been well maintained. This neighborhood by no means looks “old” when you drive in. West Wing Mountain also has a park, though not quite as large as the one in The Meadows.

A three-bed, two-bath home in West Wing Mountain is listed for $510,000, with a $62 monthly HOA fee. As you can tell, closer to the $500,000 range means fewer amenities and homes with fewer bells and whistles. Still, this neighborhood is not only closer to the mountains, but very cozy.  Even though West Wing Mountain is on the far side of Peoria, access to the highway (303) is very easy, making getting into town pretty doable.

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Our final neighborhood may be the oldest, and the farthest from nearby schools, but you’ll likely get the most here. Terramar was built in the late 90’s, so with homes all into their second decade here, you might find the interiors to feel dated. That being said, many of these homes are larger, and have more to offer a buyer, such as a three-car garage and swimming pool.

A three-bed, two-bath home in Terramar is listed for $590,000, with a pool and plenty of storage. The monthly HOA fee here is only $31 dollars a month, so as you might imagine, amenities are limited. Still, if you want to live in Peoria and are not too interested in the community part of living there (like having parks and tennis courts) Terramar is a great place to get more in a private aspect, such as your own pool or big garage.


Pros and cons of Peoria

For those who enjoy the beauty of the desert landscape and the mountain sunrise, Peoria offers city access with a quieter residential feel. You can still find all amenities you might need, such as grocery stores and shopping centers, it just isn’t quite as busy. Most people who live here are looking for serenity that cannot be found within the livelier parts of Phoenix.

This same aspect of living in Peoria is for many others its greatest downfall. If you like to go into the city, and want to be close to the action, Peoria’s distance from Central Phoenix may deter you. The good news is parts of Peoria have easier access to Phoenix than others, so you can likely find a place that is just the right distance for you.

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