Living in Scottsdale vs Chandler, Arizona

The Phoenix Metro Area is massive, and it can be exhausting trying to decide where to live in Phoenix. The Valley of the Sun is home to beautiful suburbs, but each one has its own vibe. It’s difficult to pinpoint the differences unless you live there. What about living in Scottsdale vs. Chandler, Arizona? What does each city have to offer? Check out a few of the biggest draws to these neighborhoods, and see how they stand in comparison.

Pros of Living in Scottsdale:

Vibrant Living with a Family Friendly Twist:

Ask almost any Phoenician, and they’ll tell you if you want to live close to nightlife and excitement, live in Scottsdale, Arizona. This palpable electricity is partially due to the plethora of bars and restaurants in Scottsdale’s Old Town, but there’s more to it than just a strip of businesses.

With a deluge of millennials moving to Scottsdale over the last decade, the youth population is growing yearly as these young adults settle down and have families of their own. The “hipster parent” vibe is alive and well in Scottsdale. It’s trendy to go to brunch toting a stroller, and you see young families out and about all the time enjoying the gorgeous Arizona weather.

Even with its lively aura, worry not; Scottsdale’s not the raging party town it is sometimes made out to be.

aerial view of Scottsdale AZ, Living in Scottsdale vs Chandler Arizona

Great Dining and Nightlife:

As mentioned above, Scottsdale is known for what it has to offer when that desert sun goes down. Old Town Scottsdale has something for just about everybody, from bustling bars to craft breweries. The downtown area isn’t the only place full of action, though. There are over 790 restaurants in Scottsdale…that’s a lot of food to try!

Scottsdale prides itself on its wide variety of cuisine options. In this town you can find everything to entice your taste buds, from fine steak houses, to delectable sushi, to an English style tea parlor. Did somebody say tea party?!

The Great Outdoors in Scottsdale:

All of Phoenix benefits from the gorgeous temperate climate, but Scottsdale has a bit of an upper hand. Are you a sports family? Then Scottsdale is the place to be, because it’s home to the massive, 71 acre Scottsdale Sport Complex. With grass fields, basketball courts, and well lit walking paths, the whole family can find something fun to do here.

If you consider yourself to be more of a nature seeker, the McDowell Sonoran Nature Preserve is home to 30,000 acres of untouched, protected desert habitat. The preserve offers multi-use trails for hikers, bikers, and equestrians. Best of all, this Scottsdale gem is open from sunrise to sunset, and entry is free of charge.

Sonoran Nature Preserve in Scottsdale, Living in Scottsdale vs Chandler Arizona

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Pros of Living in Chandler:

Great Schools in Chandler, AZ:

Chandler has an excellent school system, which is a must for families. But it’s also a benefit for those without children. With great schools comes higher property value, making your own home worth more by proxy. The schools in Chandler boast high graduation rates, an abundance of extracurricular activities, and great student/teacher engagement rates.

Though there are two school districts within Chandler (Mesa School District and Gilbert School District) you can rest assured there is absolutely a good fit for you and your family no matter where you end up being within the district grid.

Classroom for schools in Chandler AZ, Living in Scottsdale vs Chandler Arizona

Chandler has Affordable Housing:

The average home price can be one of the most pertinent factors in a city’s popularity. Luckily for those living in Chandler, your dollar goes a long way when buying a home. Chandler is full of beautiful homes and manicured master planned communities. Best of all, this luxury comes with a surprisingly affordable price tag.

A home that costs $450,000 in Chandler could easily cost $750,000 or more in Scottsdale. Many of these communities have pools, tennis courts, and other draws to entice residents to call Chandler home, and with the affordability plus these goodies, it’s hard to turn such an opportunity down.


Shopping and Dining Galore:

Both Scottsdale and Chandler have great entertainment options, but each has its own essence. Shopping in Chandler is a big deal, and entire areas of town are devoted to it. The shopping centers in Chandler boast a beautiful, high end appearance, which much like the housing, gives the area the look and feel of a far more expensive part of town.

Dotted about the clothing and home goods stores, you can find dining options to fit every palate. It’s easy to make a day of going out and about in Chandler. Grab a bite to eat, hit a couple shops, pop into a unique little coffee shop…you can curate each outing to suit whatever mood you’re in (or whatever budget you’re working with!)

main street in Chandler AZ at night with lights, Living in Scottsdale vs Chandler Arizona

Comparison of Scottsdale and Chandler:

The good news is, if you are comparing Scottsdale and Chandler in preparation to move to either city, they are both an excellent choice. As you can see from our pros of both neighborhoods, they might have slightly different vibes, but you could easily call either one home. Both have excellent schools, great employment opportunities, and an overall high quality of life. It’s almost splitting hairs to try and decipher which is a better city; it’s more about what is most important to your lifestyle.

Old Town Scottsdale in the evening, Living in Scottsdale vs Chandler Arizona

With that being said, the most obvious difference between the two is the cost of living. Because of its proximity to thriving nightlife, historic character, and overall name appeal, Scottsdale is definitely more expensive to live in than Chandler. Chandler is overall about 15% less expensive to live in than Scottsdale, according to Of that net value, home prices are 32% less expensive in Chandler than in Scottsdale.

The other cost of living expenses seem to fall somewhere in the middle, but housing prices are a huge factor. Buying a home is no small task, and is a decision you will literally have to live with, for better or worse!

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