Hidden Gem Neighborhood of Phoenix, Arizona

When it comes to living in Phoenix Arizona, there are a lot of things that come to mind; beautiful landscapes, warm & dry weather, affordable cost of living, and incredible neighborhoods to move to! Phoenix has long been known as a great place to reside if you want to live an active lifestyle, love being outdoors and enjoy warm sunny weather the majority of the year.  It has also become a great destination when it comes to dining, night life, shopping, health/fitness and anything else you can imagine that would go along with our sun filled environment.

On top of everything listed above, one of my favorite parts about living in Phoenix Arizona is how many little “hidden gems” you might find throughout the entire Metro Phoenix area.  These range from little known hiking spots, to speakeasy bars, to local restaurant favorites and everything in between.  We definitely have our share of them and each of them have their own charm and/or reason why they are so distinctly different.

But I recently did a vlog tour of an entire neighborhood that I would consider a hidden gem here in Phoenix and thought I would share why it is one of my favorites areas to live in if you were to move to Phoenix.

Best Hidden Gem Neighborhood of Phoenix

There is a small pocket neighborhood (less than one square mile in size), in the zip code of 85016 near the Arizona Biltmore that has so many desirable characteristics, it’s hard to keep count.  Now this neighborhood doesn’t have a specific name, so I call it the “Biltmore Pocket”. Below are just a few of the reasons why I love this hidden gem neighborhood of Phoenix.

map of the hidden gem neighborhood of Phoenix AZ


If you are looking to be in the heart of Phoenix and like close access to the best of the best when it comes to shopping, dining, entertainment, lifestyle, outdoor activities and more, this neighborhood has it


Traffic and Safety:

On top of being in a great location, this area is perfectly situated in a way that allows limited access to anyone who does not live in the neighborhood.  Therefore it is mostly quiet, has very little traffic and is an extremely walkable neighborhood.



If you are looking to find a mix of homes that are all unique and have a different feel than what you might typically find in the suburbs of Phoenix (ex. cookie cutter stucco homes), then this area is definitely for you.

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While the hidden gem of “Biltmore Pocket” may still be considered “pricey” compared to other parts of the Metro Phoenix suburbs, it can sometimes be significantly lower to purchase here than some of the other more well known “comparable” areas like Arcadia and North Central Phoenix.



One of the best parts about living in Central Phoenix is that the area has been around for a long time and has a history of citrus groves that were fed by the Arizona canal system.  This has allowed these neighborhoods to maintain lush landscape, grass, trees and an overall scenic environment that you might not typically find in our surrounding communities.


Friendly neighbors:

There are certain neighborhoods that tend to bring people together and this is one of them.  I’ve heard countless stories of how the people in this neighborhood are always saying hello, getting together, keeping an eye on and everything else you would want in a “neighbor friendly” community.


Accessibility to Phoenix favorites:

Here is just a short list of some of my favorite spots that you are close to (within a 5 to 10 min walk or drive) when living in this area:

view of downtown GIlbert main street, Gilbert Arizona suburb of Phoenix
  • Arizona Biltmore Resort
  • Biltmore Fashion Park
  • Piestewa Peak
  • The Wrigley Mansion
  • Rokerij and Richardson’s
  • The Parlor
  • Los Dos Molinos
  • Hill Stone
  • Whole Foods and so much more!

Not only are you close to all of the above, but you are also within a 10-20 minute drive of so many other amazing places to explore & enjoy (Downtown Phoenix, North Central, Arcadia, Paradise Valley and Scottsdale).

Ready to be a homeowner in Phoenix?

If you are looking to make a move to Phoenix, there are definitely a lot of great options to consider!  And if you happen to like that list of items I love about this area near the Biltmore, then it might be an area for you to look into further.  

But no matter what you are looking for, the Living in Phoenix Arizona team is here to help.  Feel free to check out our website & YouTube channel for more details on what it’s like to truly live in Arizona and all the pros/cons that come with it.  We look forward to guiding you in the right direction.