Encantame Towers in Rocky Point, Mexico

If you live in the Phoenix Metro Area and are looking for the perfect beach getaway that you can actually drive to, look no further than Rocky Point, Mexico. Rocky Point, or Puerto Penasco as it is known locally, is located about 200 miles south of Phoenix, Arizona. Depending on traffic, this 3.5 hour drive is all that is separating Phoenicians from a beautiful escape on the Gulf of Mexico. If you enjoy beachcombing, Mexican cuisine, and plenty of splish-splash fun in sparkling pools, Encantame Towers in Rocky Pointe might be the perfect vacation destination for you!

Encantame Towers at Rocky Point

Encantame Towers is one of the newest developments in Rocky Point, Mexico. This secluded, upscale resort is the perfect place to get away with your family or significant other…or even by yourself! Right away when you drive up you will realize that this resort more or less stands on its own. Unlike the well-established Sandy Beach area, there is no town nearby, and no other resort buildings. The same developer will be building a new tower in the near future, but for now it remains a quiet area.

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Getting to Encantame Towers

From Phoenix, if you live close to any of the entrance ramps to I10, then you will take I10 to the 85. If you live on the eastern side of the Phoenix Metro Area, you will likely head south until you come into the somewhat small town of Maricopa. Here you can jump onto the 238 and be on your way.

There will be a few points of reference to look out for along the way, but the entire drive for the most part is nice, wide open, and easy.  On your way, you will pass through a couple small Arizona towns, such as Ajo and Why. Why, AZ, will be the last town you go through before reaching the Mexican Border.

You do not need your passport to go across the border, but of course you want to bring it, you will need it upon return. The time it takes to get across the border will depend on the traffic and if you get stopped for a random search. Once you have made it over the border, it’s pretty much a straight shot south until you hit the water!

Upon arrival, you will enter through a gated entrance with security. This is common in Mexico and gives you a great feeling of safety and security during your stay. There is ample parking, and you can even purchase a garage spot if you don’t want your car to be out in the hot Mexico sun. Once you are there, you won’t need your vehicle much unless you want to drive into town. Everything around the grounds is very walkable.

The Pools at Encantame Towers

At Encantame Towers, the options for entertainment are abundant. For many people, the pools are the first stop for a beach vacation! There are multiple pools in this complex, and plenty of spots to get a little bit of privacy, or gather with friends. There are shallow areas of only a foot or so in depth, perfect for little waders, or lounging in the water just deep enough to stay cool. The lazy river is perfect for a relaxing float. 

And if you want to actually get some laps in, there are deep spots as well. Even on a busy day, you won’t struggle to find a good little piece of aquatic heaven in the pools at Encantame Towers.

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Beach Access

Of course, if you’re coming all the way to the Gulf of Mexico, you’re likely looking for a little beach time during your stay. Encantame Towers is built directly on the beach, so if you have a beach-facing room, your view will be out over the endless ocean. 

The beach at Rocky Point is long, flat, and expansive. It truly represents the desert meeting the ocean. When the tide goes out you can walk far out into the gulf and collect shells and other interesting beach treasures. Whether you are enjoying the cool, calm water during the heat of the day, or taking a sunset stroll, the beaches at Rocky Point are absolutely lovely.

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Food and Amenities

While you enjoy the pool, volleyball courts, or beach, you will be within walking distance of the Santo Coyote Cantina. This is a great little spot to grab a bite to eat or a beverage to take down to the pool. The hours can be a bit restricting, however, because in Rocky Point, like much of Mexico, the restaurants do not open particularly early. If you are a person who likes to get up early and have a nice breakfast, you might want to consider bringing your own groceries and taking care of breakfast yourself.

We will speak to this more later, but when it comes to food, it’s a good idea to pack and bring with you most of the groceries you will want for your stay. There isn’t much of a town around Encantame Towers. You can drive into areas like Sandy Beach to get things, but they are not within walking distance. It’s easiest to come prepared with your dietary needs met, or at least the cannot-live-without items.


Is Encantame Towers similar to other resorts in Rocky Point?

If you have traveled to Rocky Point before, you’ve likely stayed in the older part of the city. Sandy Beach is a very popular area. There are at least 15 resorts to choose from, multiple beach access areas, and even golf courses. In this area you will find shops, restaurants and plenty of walkable things to do. If you enjoy getting out and about, and meeting new people, Sandy Beach might be a great fit for you.

Encantame Towers is a new complex. If you enjoy vacationing in a place where your accommodations are brand new and modern, you will find that here. It lacks some of the color and vibrancy of Sandy Beach, but this is intentional. Even though there are plans to continue building more infrastructure in the Encantame Towers area, it is designed to feel exclusive, upscale, and more reserved than the feeling of older Rocky Point.

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Is it safe in Rocky Point?

I have never felt unsafe in Rocky Point. It is, however, a foreign country, even though it is drivable. Any time you are traveling internationally you should observe extra precautions to keep yourself safe. Most of the crime in the area is petty theft, like getting pick-pocketed. Once you get to the resort, it is very safe. But along the stretch from the U.S./Mexico border to the resort, you should be extra safe. Especially if you have children, it can be a good idea to travel in a caravan in the event that you could have car trouble out in the middle of nowhere.


Which resort area is better, Sandy Beach, or Encantame Towers?

The right resort for you, just like any vacation spot, is a matter of what kind of vacation you are looking for. Encantame Towers is the newest of these resorts, and it’s also the quietest and most remote. Sandy Beach and Las Palomas are all in an area of Rocky Point that is older, more established, and more populated. If you are looking for a quiet getaway with your family or partner, Encantame Towers could be perfect for you.

Along with being a quieter and more laid-back environment, Encantame Towers is also a bit isolated. This can be nice, and adds to its upscale feeling, but it means that you should come to this resort more prepared. If you can grocery shop before you arrive that will be helpful, because the town of Rocky Point isn’t particularly close. If you really need something, you can of course drive to town to get it, but it’s best to come with most of what you will need for your stay already in tow.


*Note for the early risers*

One thing to note about Encantame Towers that may or may not affect your stay is the hours of operation within the resort. The pools, restaurant, and other activities are not accessible before 9:00 am. This is common in Mexico as people generally get a later start than they do in the U.S. While 9:00 am might seem perfectly doable for some, others may want to be up and getting a cup of coffee at 6:30 or 7:00. If you like to head down to the pool with a book and your coffee, you unfortunately won’t be able to do that at this facility. The beach is always accessible, so there is that option 24/7.

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