5 Things to know about moving to Mesa, Arizona

Thinking of moving to Mesa, Arizona? If like so many others, the beautiful weather, affordable cost of living, and endless activities have you contemplating moving to the Phoenix area, you’ll want to know a little more about the surrounding towns too. For many residents, the smaller, suburban areas are the perfect combination of big city convenience meets small town comfort, with all the benefits of Phoenix being just a short drive away.

Every moving decision should be backed well with research, so we’ve done that for you! Whether you’re a golfer, hiker, snowbird or otherwise, here’s five things to know about moving to Mesa!

What is the cost of living in Mesa?

Like much of Arizona, the cost of living in Mesa is fairly median. Especially to those moving to Arizona from large cities or the coasts, the cost of living feels like a breath of fresh (and affordable) air!

Statistically, the two categories where Mesa costs exceed the national average are housing and transportation.  The transportation cost is likely due to the higher than average insurance and registration fees for vehicles in the entire state of Arizona, so this probably isn’t actually Mesa specific.

As for the pricey housing, in recent years, an increasing number of high end homes and subdivisions have popped up throughout Mesa, which isn’t surprising when you see the views it lends. Seemingly, those who have made their fortune are looking to get out of the city just a little bit, to soak up that desert lifestyle. If you aren’t exactly in the market for a new mansion, fear not! There are plenty of housing options in Mesa, and by no means are they all villas. There is certainly something for every budget.

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Mesa, Arizona Job market

The job market in Mesa, AZ, is growing exponentially to suit its booming economy. Especially if you are looking for work in tech or healthcare, there are plenty of employment opportunities in the Mesa area. In recent years, tech giants Apple and Google both invested in large data centers in Mesa. Engineers are in luck as well, as there is a huge demand currently for engineers of all kinds, and as the metropolis continues to grow, these jobs will continue to present themselves. Civil engineers for the growing road systems, electrical and computer engineers for the tech industry, etc.

The city itself continues to grow in size, meaning more jobs. Right off of the 202 in the southeast corner of Mesa, a large construction development project is underway, boosting the economy in the area as well as the job market, as these contractor jobs are filled.  The Mesa Public Schools education system is the largest public school district in the state of Arizona, so teachers and educators looking for work have great chances within the education system in Mesa.

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Arizona College has a Mesa campus as well, providing jobs in higher education, as well as an opportunity to continue your own learning close to home. The positive economic growth in Mesa is leading to countless career opportunities for those who are looking, and you can find just about anything to suit your skill set and career goals.

Even with all of these wonderful employment opportunities, if you think Mesa is the right place to live, but you have found work in Phoenix or closer to the city, fear not! Mesa is not even twenty miles outside of Phoenix. Many residents commute to the city, but still choose to live in Mesa for the lifestyle and atmosphere.

Best Things to do in Mesa, Arizona

Lifestyle is so much more than where you work and where you sleep at night. At the end of the day, it’s our experiences and memories with friends and loved ones that make the going to work even worth it! The lifestyle in Mesa is exactly what brings so many to the area, and it’s easy to see why!

If you enjoy being outdoors, the activities in Mesa are endless. Tubing down the river, horseback riding, hiking, trail running, biking, boating, fishing, you name it, you can do it in or near Mesa! Usery Mountain Regional Park has something for all athletic abilities, whether you are looking for a casual sunset stroll or an aggressive climb to really get your blood pumping!

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If you’re more of a creative soul, Mesa has a rich cultural history and there are many museums and art galleries, like the Mesa Arts Center, where you can take in the areas rich past and present! The Arizona Museum of Natural History is the perfect place to beat the heat on a summer day and visit some really, really old friends!

For the sports enthusiast, there are plenty of games to attend, most notably all the MLB spring training games that take place in Arizona, as well as world class golfing that can be enjoyed year round thanks to the beautiful, temperate weather!

The food scene in Mesa offers plenty of options to diners, especially local small businesses with delicious fare at an affordable price. There’s always something new to try for any palate.

Best Neighborhoods in Mesa

When it comes to choosing the right neighborhood to move into, a lot of factors come into play, and no one buyer or renter is the same. Your housing needs will depend on your economic situation, interests, age, and size of your household.  For ease of comparison, we’ve used these three factors in our exploration of the neighborhoods in Mesa: lot sizes, views, and community amenities. Using these factors, four communities come to mind.

Eastmark is an outstanding neighborhood, near great schools, and is one of the top selling master-planned communities in the entire state of Arizona for four years in a row now.

Red Mountain Ranch is a first class golf course and country club community that offers excellent amenities and breathtaking views. 

Los Sendas is another master-planned community surrounded by gorgeous desert landscape and some of the most scenic views in the valley.

Lastly, the entire area around Mesa Groves includes a few different neighborhoods, but offers huge lots in a beautiful landscape, and is about fifteen to twenty minutes closer to Phoenix if you need to commute or want to be closer to the city.

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All of these neighborhoods offer different environments, so when finding the right one for you and your family; it’s advisable to get help from a professional who can narrow things down for you. These aren’t the only neighborhoods in Mesa, either. You might find another area is just what you were looking for.

Important things to know about Living in Mesa

While Mesa offers gorgeous views and spacious homes, there are other important factors to consider when moving to a new area. For the sake of transparency, let’s talk about a few things that might be drawbacks depending on each person and their interests. As always, before you move anywhere, make sure you have thought about your absolute “needs” for your new city and home!



Dining & Shopping in Mesa

Mesa definitely doesn’t have the multitude of shopping and dining options one will find in Phoenix. There are still plenty of unique, family owned and operated places to grab a bite to eat, or chic little shops to go into, but as a city, Mesa lacks a “downtown” or entertainment district full of bars and restaurants. It also doesn’t have any large shopping centers for clothing and other accessories. If you are considering moving to Mesa, and entertainment in the form of shopping and dining isn’t an absolute necessity to you but you still enjoy it, you can of course find everything you need just a short drive away, in the city.


Mesa’s Seasonal Population Demographics

Mesa is home (or part time home) to a large demographic of retirees and snowbirds. This means during the winter months you can expect an increase in traffic and population. This also lends to an older age group of residents, meaning Mesa might not be the best fit for young, single people looking to go out to eat or hit the bars regularly.

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Mesa Summer’s are HOT

While we know the Phoenix area to be hot, but Mesa can get REALLY hot. Because of its geography (it isn’t called “The Valley” for nothing) the heat can linger in the Mesa area, meaning there are easily many days of the year well into the triple digits. When monsoon season dust storms roll in, followed by even just a little bit of rain, the entire town can turn into a mud bath. For many residents moving to Mesa from elsewhere, however; a little bit of rainy mud is nothing compared to wildfires, tornadoes, or blizzards. Yes, it can be hot, but it’s not unmanageable. After all, it’s no coincidence that many homes in the area have swimming pools. What better way to beat the heat than to jump on in!

If ever you’ve been curious or considering moving to Mesa, Arizona, we hope these five tips will help you get there. If you’re interested in moving to a Meas or Phoenix, area, give us a call, shoot us a text, or send us an email. We’ll find the perfect location for you.

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