Best Places to Live in Mesa Arizona

Mesa Arizona is one of the most popular suburbs of Phoenix. With a population of over 512,000 people, it’s clear Mesa brings a lot to the table. But it isn’t small, so how do you start when looking for a place in Mesa to call home? Check out a few of my favorite places to look into when you are looking for the best places to live in Mesa, AZ.

Where to live in Mesa Arizona

new construction neighborhood, Top Risks when buying a New Construction Home in Phoenix


North of Queen Creek, bordering Gilbert on the southeast side of Mesa, lies Eastmark. This is one of the newest developments on our list. The homes and properties here are perfect for those who are looking to be the first owner of their home. Eastmark is one of the best places to look if you have your heart set on living in Mesa because there are always plenty of active listings. There’s a lot of inventory in Eastmark, and plenty of amenities to go with it. But even with so many great options, one of the cons of this neighborhood is the small lot sizes and homes that sit very close together.


*A current example of a listed home in Eastmark is a 3bed/2.5 bath, 2,000 square foot home listed for $530,000.


Morrison Ranch

Just north of the airport lies the Mesa neighborhood of Morrison Ranch. Morrison Ranch is the perfect place to live if you find yourself being a frequent flier.It’s a quiet community, and much of it actually lies in Gilbert, AZ. This is a very family friendly neighborhood, and a drive around the community will quickly show fun seasonal decorations in the yards, and walkable neighborhoods close to the schools. There are not many active listings in Morrison Ranch, but if you’re looking for a friendly, quiet community, it’s worth taking a look at this central Mesa neighborhood.


*A current example of a listed home in Morrison Ranch is a 4bed/2bath, 2,300 square foot home listed for $575,000

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Las Sendas

Located in the northeast corner of Mesa is Las Sendas. This is one of the most aesthetic neighborhoods on our list of best places to live in Mesa. This golf course community looks and feels, well, like it’s built on a golf course! The views are stunning in Las Sendas, and depending on how high up into the mountains you live, you might have a stunning mountainside view into the valley.

Important to note is that the landscaping in the homes and around the community of Las Sendas has a very “desert” feeling to it. Cacti, rocks, and other drought resistant foliage are popular in this area. Also due to the proximity to the mountains, you’ll most likely have a few more run ins with wildlife like coyotes and scorpions living in this part of Mesa. It seems people aren’t the only ones who love the mountain views!


*A current example of a listed home in Las Sendas is a 3bed/2.5bath, 2,000 square foot home listed for $750,000


The Groves

Our final best neighborhood in Mesa is a beautiful, expansive neighborhood built among the citrus groves. Aptly named, The Groves is a lovely, sprawling area that offers great diversity in the homes and properties within. Here you will find many beautiful custom homes, each with their own character and unique infrastructure. 

This is also the most expensive neighborhood on our list, which comes as no surprise given its large homes, large lots, and beautiful landscape. One of the greatest drawbacks of the homes in The Groves is that the price point remains rather high even on older, somewhat outdated homes. You could easily drop a few million dollars on a home that honestly needs quite a bit of renovation.

A current example of a listed home in The Groves is a 5bed/6bath, 7,3000 square foot home listed for 2.3 million dollars.

Top Risks when buying a New Construction Home in Phoenix

What is it like living in Mesa, AZ?

Cost of living in Mesa

Comparing the city of Phoenix as a whole, Mesa is one of the more expensive suburbs, but still remains only slightly higher in cost of living than the national average. Statistically, the two categories where Mesa costs exceed the national average are housing and transportation.  The transportation cost is likely due to the higher than average insurance and registration fees for vehicles in the entire state of Arizona, so this probably isn’t actually Mesa specific.


Job market in Mesa

The job market in Mesa is growing with each passing year, as the city of Phoenix continues to be one of the fastest growing cities in America. If you’re looking for work in tech or healthcare, there are plenty of employment opportunities in the Mesa area. In recent years, tech giants Apple and Google both invested in large data centers in Mesa. As Mesa expands, jobs in construction obviously come high in demand, as well as everything else that fills out a city, all the way down to schools, restaurants, and retail.


Fun things to do in Mesa, Arizona

The lifestyle in Mesa is one of the primary factors that brings so many to the area, and it’s easy to see why! If you enjoy being outdoors, the activities in Mesa are endless. Tubing down the river, horseback riding, hiking, trail running, biking, boating, fishing, you name it, you can do it in or near Mesa! Usery Mountain Regional Park has something for all athletic abilities, whether you are looking for a casual sunset stroll or an aggressive climb to really get your blood pumping! 

Mesa has a rich cultural history and there are many museums and art galleries, like the Mesa Arts Center and The Arizona Museum of Natural History. Of course, we can’t forget the beautiful golf courses many of Mesa’s lovely homes are built on!

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