Living in Peoria, Arizona

Wantt to move to Phoenix, but you just can’t picture yourself a big city dweller? Then perhaps living in Peoria, Arizona, would be perfect for you! As the Phoenix area grows with every passing year, the suburbs are evolving too, and Peoria is no exception. But what it lacks in urban sprawl, it makes up for in beautiful neighborhoods, a booming economy, and plenty of family friendly activities all year round!

Where is Peoria located?

Northeast of Phoenix proper, Peoria sits nestled between Glendale and Sun City, running all the way up to the southern bank of Lake Pleasant. About thirteen miles lay between Peoria and Phoenix, making it somewhere between a 20 to 30 minute drive into the city, depending on traffic. You might be familiar with Peoria if you’re a fan of the all American pastime, as major league baseball teams train at the 145 acre Peoria Sports Center every spring.

Five Things you Need to Know about Living in Peoria

#1. Top Attractions in Peoria

Peoria has a lot to offer its residents and visitors when it comes to activities!

The West Wing Mountain Preserve on the north end of town offers beautiful vistas of the entire valley, for the hiker willing to put in the steps!

Rio Vista Park, located in the center of the city, has a lake with fountains and gazebos, a skate park, a splash pad for the kids, and even an entertainment center.

If you’re looking to really put in some miles, The New River Trail is a 16.5 mile paved trail for anyone interested in walking, jogging, or biking.

As we touched on earlier, nearby Lake Pleasant is right on the edge of town, and aside from its scenic beauty, offers an array of water fun activities on those hot Arizona days! If you have a boat, could you possibly need any other excuse to live close to the water? If you don’t own a boat, well it’s never too late to make some friends!

Or if you want to step back in time, and visit Arizona when the west was truly wild, head over to the Pioneer Living History Museum. You can find 30 historic buildings, both reconstructed and original, with fully costumed staff to educate visitors during your visit.

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#2. Peoria School System

There are two major school districts in Peoria: Peoria Unified School District and Deer Valley Unified District. Both of these school systems consistently score above average in ratings when compared to other school systems throughout the state, making Peoria a great place to raise a family.

If you’re really interested in how the schools in Peoria are rated, and the areas in which each one particularly excels, you can check out This is where you can find detailed lists and charts showing school ratings around your area.

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#3. Economy & Job Growth in Peoria

In 2018, Peoria was rated in Money Magazine as one of the “Top 50 Cities to Live In” based on economic growth. No other city in Arizona even made it on the list! The rating factors used in this list were: high graduation rates, modest home prices, and a booming economy. Oftentimes, if a place offers even one of the aforementioned; you consider it a pretty good place to live. But as Peoria grows, it only offers more and more to its residents from an economic perspective.

Much focus has been given to restoring Old Town Peoria. Both in preserving the town’s history and providing a fun environment for residents to enjoy a fun dinner or grab a drink. In April, a brand new seventy million dollar healthcare facility opened up in Peoria. This brought with it not only great healthcare for the people of the area, but jobs for doctors, nurses, and just about everyone else that keeps a hospital up and running. Great schools, great hospitals, affordable homes, and jobs galore…what DOESN’T Peoria have to offer? Aside from a snow day, I can’t think of much!

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#4. Cost of Living in Peoria

When comparing with the national average, Peoria falls just above average when it comes to the cost of living. Considering everything this area has to offer, it’s actually shocking that it isn’t higher!

Looking at the median home prices of single family homes in the past six months, you’ll see about three quarters of the homes sold for anywhere from $350,000 to $500,000, depending on the neighborhood, home size, age of the home, etc. There were of course more expensive homes, with about 15% of them being over $600,000, but clearly the vast majority of new homeowners were able to find something within a very reasonable price range.

As with everything in the valley, it’s just a little bit more expensive than elsewhere in the city. Most likely this is due to the pricier cost of transportation. With the Phoenix area having relatively poor public transit options, most residents choose to drive their own vehicles. This bumps your cost of living up significantly, as gas, insurance, registration and regular maintenance on a vehicle can really add up.

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#5. Peoria has Great Neighborhoods

The perfect neighborhood for you is going to be different for everybody, but knowing what you want and need in a residential area is the first step, and Peoria has some wonderful neighborhoods to offer! The Visit Peoria website has a great deal of helpful information for those considering Peoria for a new home. You can find information on the neighborhood info page pertaining to home values, typical rent for any given area, etc. This website does a great job of showing viewers what areas have what to offer, and helping them to decide what they actually need in a neighborhood.

Peoria neighborhood aerial, Peoria Arizona, Living in Phoenix real estate

As the city grows, we’re seeing more and more new homes in Peoria, and among them you can find plenty of options in a variety of price ranges and sizes. If you are looking for a neighborhood that stays tidy, with residents who are highly involved in the upkeep and aesthetic of the area, there are plenty of neighborhoods with homeowners associations, some of the most notable being:

  • Fletcher Heights
  • Vistancia
  • Dove Valley Ranch
  • Parkridge
  • The Meadows
  • and Camino A Lago.

If you don’t believe newer is better, and are more interested in a historic neighborhood, check out Old Town Peoria, and Varney, where many of the homes date back to the 1940’s.

If the never ending summer has brought you to Arizona to work on your swing, neighborhoods such as Blackstone at Vistancia, Peoria Pines, and Quintero Golf Club border beautiful golf courses.

Perhaps you’re a snowbird looking to retire far away from the snow and ice. You can find great retirement communities, such as:

  • Westbrook Village,
  • Ventana Lakes
  • and Sun Air Estates.

Regardless of what you are looking for, one thing is for certain, Peoria has plenty of neighborhoods to choose from!

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