What Does $300K Buy in Gilbert?

Housing prices in Phoenix are rising, and it’s becoming harder and harder to find affordable living in The Valley of the Sun. Some parts of town offer more than others when it comes to bang for your buck, so if you’re moving to Phoenix, check out what $300K can buy in Gilbert, AZ.

What will a $300k home in Gilbert, AZ look like

To give you a general idea of the amenities and homes in Gilbert under $400K, we’ve highlighted a few neighborhoods. These of course aren’t the only places to live in Gilbert, but you can get an idea of what you’ll be looking at in your given price range.

Beach Club Village:

This townhome complex offers plenty of parking, something that isn’t always a given in Phoenix. A two bed, two bath townhome here costs about $310,000. This makes Beach Club Village the most affordable neighborhood on our list. All units here have a one-car garage, plus overflow-covered parking, and access to the clubhouse. The HOA is a little over $250 a month, however, so keep in mind that a base price for a condo can be deceiving. You’ll be paying monthly HOA fees, and those can really rack up.

Finley Farms:

This neighborhood was built in the late 1990’s but has been well maintained. Smaller than some of the others on our list, Finley Farms might be a good fit for you if you like things a little bit quieter. A three-bed, two-bath home in Finley Farms is around $375,000. Though this spot may be quiet, easy access to Downtown Gilbert makes it a great place to live near amenities, but not within them.

 San Savino:

Another small but lovely community is San Savino. Most of the homes here are single-story and on small lots. A three-bed, two-bath home in this area runs around $389,000.  Though homes here are nearing the $400K mark, you will absolutely notice the aesthetics in this neighborhood. If you were to spend the same amount of money in many other parts of Phoenix, what you would get wouldn’t be nearly as nice.

Downtown Gilbert, $300k homes in Gilbert Arizona

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Park Place Village:

One of the newest communities on our list, Park Place Village seems to offer it all. All homes have parking amenities, most are three stories, and the park area is complete with a playground and basketball court. A two-bed, two-bath home in Park Place Village costs about $370,000. A little bit more affordable than San Savino, it’s just as lovely.

Where else can I find a home in this price range?

Honestly, it’s going to be tough to find a home for $300K anywhere in Phoenix. A few places to look outside of Gilbert are Queen Creek, Mesa, and Chandler. Your options are going to be limited, and you will still probably find yourself spending more than you had hoped. The good news is, buying a home in these areas will still ensure the most “home” for the least price.

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