North Central Phoenix, Arizona

If you want to be centrally located to everything you could need and want in the Phoenix area, North Central Phoenix is the place to be. Beautiful, historic streets are lined with mature trees, adding shade and a Midwestern feeling unique to this desert metropolis.

Central Avenue, laced with historic sites, carves throughout the area giving residents easy access to just about anywhere else in the city. The walkable, quaint lifestyle beckons to those looking for city amenities but suburban life.  From the farmers market, to the miles of hiking paths running right through the center of town, let’s see why North Central Phoenix is one of the fastest growing parts of town.

Things to know about North Central Phoenix, Arizona

aerial at dusk of North Central Phoenix Arizona

The Neighborhood of Windsor Square

With homes and infrastructure dating back to the early 20th century, Windsor Square is full of history and character. Over the decades, these homes have been remodeled and updated, but the area does an exceptional job of keeping the original integrity of the dwelling. Even the homes here that haven’t been renovated are well kept and tidy. The veritable pride of ownership in Windsor Square is noticeable. It’s not surprising that Money Magazine voted Windsor Square as one of the Top Ten Neighborhoods in the U.S. in 2013.


North Central Phoenix’s Uptown Farmers Market:

For those looking to buy and eat local, you’ll find everything you could imagine and more at the Uptown Farmers Market. Open Saturdays and Wednesdays, patrons can stroll the market set up on North Central Avenue. You never know exactly what you’ll find, from honey to crafts, tomatoes to goat yogurt, but one thing is certain, everything at the market is of the highest quality.  Over a hundred vendors frequent the farmers market, and Phoenicians flock to support local Arizona agriculture and small, family owned businesses. You can grab a cup of coffee, or a slice of pizza, and make a day of it!

aerial of downtown North Central Phoenix Arizona

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The Neighborhood of Madison Park:

The mature landscaping in this upscale neighborhood is something you absolutely cannot miss. Green lawns and expansive yards make up the plots in this suburb, many of this flora dating back to the first homes being built in this suburb. In a similar nature to Windsor Square, the residents of Madison Park take a great deal of pride in their homes and yards, and it’s apparent with every home you pass.

The central location of this neighborhood provides its residents with nearby amenities and entertainment, while still allowing them to enjoy a quieter environment outside of the hustle and bustle (and sometimes dirtiness) of city life.

house in North Central Phoenix Arizona

Murphy Bridle Path

Founded in 1895, the Murphy Bridle Path is an over five mile long hiking path enjoyed by hikers, bikers, dogs, and per its name, of course horses. The path has actually been there longer than most of the north central Phoenix’s infrastructure around it. Recognized as part of the Phoenix Historic Property Register, the path remains as a connection from the present to the past of this historic area, when the west was truly wild.

The Murphy Bridle path weaves throughout north central Phoenix, and even swings past the farmers market, making it the perfect way to turn your farmers market visit into a fun and healthy activity for the whole family.

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