Luxury Community Neighborhoods in Mesa, Arizona

The Phoenix Metro Area is replete with suburbs that offer job opportunities, a beautiful environment, and high quality of life for their residents. If you want to live near to the amenities of a big city, but prefer a quieter, suburban lifestyle with more room to call your own, the luxury neighborhoods of Mesa might be just what you are looking for.

Beautiful Luxury Community Neighborhoods in Mesa, Arizona

The neighborhoods on this list are just a few of my personal favorites, but there are so many great places to call home in Mesa. The communities on this list can help to give you an idea of what you might find in this area and can guide you in a direction that sounds like a fit for you. Once you have narrowed down your search, a realtor can help you get into the nitty gritty of the community.

These communities are all considered to be luxury communities. This either means they are gated communities that likely have an HOA, or are just expansive properties both in lot size and home size. An HOA might not be right for you. You might want a large home, but are not interested in having a huge lot to landscape and upkeep. Each neighborhood offers something a little bit different complete with its own pros and cons.


The Groves at Hermosa Vista:

Just off of the 202 at Gilbert Road in north Mesa, this lavish neighborhood is a sparkling gem. If you didn’t know you were in Mesa, you might mistake this neighborhood to be in Arcadia, as the lush greenery and established landscaping look so similar in appearance. The homes in this area are mostly construction from the 1990s and early 2000s. This gives them a relatively new feeling paired with the mature landscaping of an older neighborhood. There are a few older homes nestled into the mix, many of which are complete guy remodels inside. This gives The Groves a bit of character; though the homes are all lovely, no two look exactly the same.

Lot sizes in The Groves at Hermosa Vista are large, anywhere from 15,000 square feet to 20,000 square feet. With so much room and no HOA, you will see boats, RVs, sheds, and other large items in the yards in this neighborhood. But don’t think the lack of an HOA results in unkept yards. The homes here are expensive; you won’t likely find anything under a million dollars. The residents of The Groves are tidy and proud of their homes and yards, and with no HOA, each is free to express themselves on their property.

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Thayer Estates:

The citrus groves of Thayer Estates take you back to a time when the Phoenix Metro Area was young and the west was still wild. Much like the aged trees standing among the grounds, the homes in Thayer Estates are older. Some of them may need a bit of updating to reach modern home standards, but make no mistake, most of these homes are still well over a million dollars each due to the sheer amount of space.

Houses in Thayer Estates are generally three to five bedrooms, and the lots range from 15,000 square feet up to 30,000 square feet. The homes, though older, are very unique and original. You will see homes of varying styles, size, and era, which makes the neighborhood a beautiful place to stroll and enjoy the luxury environment and originality. This highly aesthetic neighborhood in north Mesa provides access to the 202, meaning getting to any part of the city is relatively easy.


Legacy at Mountain Bridge:

Heading a bit farther east from the first two neighborhoods, Legacy at Mountain Bridge is another well located luxury community in Mesa, AZ. As you head east you will quickly notice the landscape changes. The lush citrus groves give way to a far more typical desert environment, with exposure, ground shrubs, and plenty of cacti. The homes change, as well.

The homes in this neighborhood also embody the desert lifestyle, with warm hues of stucco and rust colored terracotta roofing. When you picture Arizona neighborhoods nestled among the mountains, this is more of what you might envision.

The lot sizes are still very large, as Mountain Bridge is a luxury community, but they are closer together and slightly smaller. Some lots are as small as 11,000 square feet, and the neighbors feel much closer. If you don’t want a massive yard to maintain, this might be just what you are looking for. Many of these gated communities also have HOA’s, at Legacy that fee is $178 dollars a month. Though you are paying a monthly fee, the amenities like a pool, tennis courts, and common areas add to the appeal for many Mountain Bridge residents.

Las Sendas:

If you have always dreamed of living on the green, Las Sendas might be just the place for you. Though like Mountain Bridge, this community is desert like in appearance, the greenery of the course brings a cool, refreshing aesthetic. Las Sendas is tucked up into the mountain foothills, giving this area the most privacy of the neighborhoods listed. Much like the aforementioned neighborhood, the homes and lots in Las Sendas are smaller and tighter.

Though you won’t likely have a large yard all to yourself, many of the homes are situated along the golf course and offer incredible views. Who needs a yard to mow when you can look at a beautiful one that somebody else keeps mown! There are many little pockets of neighborhoods throughout this master planned community, so prices and lot sizes vary depending on your location. The HOA is $122 a month, and though golfing is not included in this fee, the maintenance and common areas are a huge perk for many.

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