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Living in Glendale, Arizona

Just northwest of downtown Phoenix lies Glendale, Arizona, a new sports mecca in the United States and overall top area to live in Phoenix. Glendale prides itself on being a diverse city with a rich history, and it’s because of this that there has been a surge in new infrastructure here.

The Numbers

Are you thinking of moving or living in Glendale? Here is some information to help you get to know this popular Phoenix neighborhood.

  • Walkability 40% 40%
  • Flood Risk 1% 1%
  • Heat Risk 74% 74%


Median Income

# of Schools

Avg Age

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Things to know about Glendale

Glendale AZ has its own historic downtown area that both locals and visitors love to enjoy. From delicious eateries, such as La Piazza al Forno, to the well known german themed Haus Murhphys, Glendale is full of delectable restaurants and exciting bars you can frequent. If you’re someone who enjoys saving room for dessert, then you’ll definitely want to check out the Cerreta Candy Company for some hand crafted sweets made right in Glendale!

There is also a Westgate mall in Glendale, also known as the Westgate Entertainment Center. And while this may not be a selling point to some, know that this mall has a lot to offer; it puts on summer concerts, has holiday ice skating and is just an overall fun place to spend an afternoon (especially for kids!).

For those who enjoy spending their time outdoors, you can check out Glendale’s Saguaro Ranch Park or spend a hot summer afternoon enjoying the Foothills Recreation and Aquatics Center – great for families!

And last, but definitely not least, Glendale is home to multiple major sporting events! Yes, there are spring training teams here, but there is also professional football, hockey, auto racing, and NCAA Regionals! Glendale is a hub for sports fanatics!

Glendale AZ Real Estate

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Living in Glendale, Arizona

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