Everything you need to know about living in Gilbert AZ

Want to know a little bit more about one of The Valley’s most popular suburbs, Gilbert, AZ? With 250,000 residents this not so little town has become a bustling city. If you want to live in a safe, beautiful part of town with wonderful schools and plenty of ways to get out and enjoy that great Arizona weather, Gilbert is definitely worth a look. From schools and cost of living, to fun things to do, to dining and entertainment, we’ve narrowed down just about everything you need to know about living in Gilbert, Arizona!

What to know about Living in Gilbert AZ

Gilbert School systems:

Gilbert is an extremely safe, family friendly place to live. As these safe neighborhoods attract families, school ratings go up.  According to niche.com, the public schools in Gilbert receive an A overall niche.com grade. This grade takes into consideration many facets of education, such as academics, diversity, and extracurricular activities. Each category is rated individually as well. Even in public schools (a category often oversaturated with students) the Gilbert Public School System has a student-to-teacher ratio of 18:1.

aerial view of downtown Gilbert, What do know about living in Gilbert Arizona

Cost of Living in Gilbert:

The cost of living in Phoenix is on the rise, and Gilbert is no exception. While the expenses in the suburbs of Phoenix are somewhat lower than being in the city, Gilbert is still getting more expensive with each passing year. Because it offers a comfortable family vibe, with great job opportunities and somewhat affordable housing, Gilbert is a magnet for newcomers. The cost of living in Gilbert is about 16% higher than the national average, and the housing price is a whopping 44% higher than the national average. Yes, you might be able to find a great home for less than you would pay in Southern California, or New York City, but it still isn’t cheap.


Home prices in Gilbert:

The median home price in Gilbert is just around $330,000 for an average sized home. Though this might seem a little high, a few factors play into this number. Gilbert is a town that really doesn’t have any rough areas of town bringing down median home values. Most big cities, actually almost any city; has less desirable places to live that might affect an overall home price, but not Gilbert!

You’ll also find that your money goes a long way here when it comes to housing. You might get significantly less house/yard/garage/pool/etc. for the same price somewhere else. It would be difficult to break into the housing market under $300K in Gilbert, but not impossible. Buyers will just be working with fewer and more competitive options.

aerial view of Gilbert AZ, What do know about living in Gilbert Arizona

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Traffic and Transportation in Gilbert:

If you work in the city, living in Gilbert will mean a bit of a commute. It can be pretty congested during rush hour, and because the city of Gilbert is growing, it’s likely to keep getting worse. If you think you could live here and take public transportation to avoid the traffic, think again. The public transportation in Gilbert isn’t great.

Phoenix proper has good public transportation, such as the light rail, which is extremely affordable and fast. But that line really only gets you in and around the heart of the Phoenix Metro Area, and into Tempe and Mesa. Unless you wanted to drive to one of the stops and park there, you likely won’t be able to utilize the light rail on a daily basis if you live in Gilbert.


Things to do in Gilbert, AZ:

The Riparian Preserve in Gilbert:

The gorgeous landscape and temperate weather of Arizona makes it an oasis for those who enjoy getting out into the great outdoors. For Gilbert residents, The Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch is the perfect place to enjoy that weather and the beautiful desert landscape. This stunning nature preserve features 4.5 miles of trails, beautiful water features, and is even equestrian friendly. Unique to this preserve, is its water features designed to reuse 100% of the Gilbert effluent water, which is home to almost 300 species of birds, and countless fish, amphibians, and insects as well.


Gilbert Regional Park:

Gilbert Regional Park is located in southeast Gilbert. While the nature preserve is doing just that, preserving the desert nature, Gilbert Regional Park is a place where all the amenities of a city park come together, allowing residents to have a beautiful, manicured place to enjoy family time and green space. The park offers playgrounds, courts for basketball, tennis, and volleyball, and even an amphitheater. Picnic areas and walking paths make the entire park accessible and easy to navigate.

Gilbert Farmers Market:

The Gilbert Farmers Market is an excellent place for locals to support sustainable agriculture as well as small businesses. Don’t just think tomatoes and zucchini, there is a little bit of everything at the farmer’s market! Patrons can purchase homemade bath bombs, hot sauce, and beef jerky all in one place! The farmer’s market is the perfect place to pick up unique hand-crafted gifts, as well. The Gilbert Farmers Market is a great place for families to go on a lovely afternoon or weekend morning and find a little something for everyone. Plus, it feels great to support the local economy and small businesses.


Downtown Gilbert

Downtown Gilbert is the perfect place to catch dinner and a show. The Hale Theater, a renovated historic theater, offers an exceptional theatrical season. Year-round Gilbert residents and visitors can enjoy musical, classical, and occasional workshop productions. The dining options are endless in Downtown Gilbert. There are plenty of family friendly restaurants where the whole gang can have a fun night out on the town.

With all the reference to safety, great schools, and family centric fun, you might get the idea that Gilbert isn’t a place for young adult singles. This absolutely isn’t the case. The Heritage District has quite a few bars and craft breweries to be enjoyed by those over 21, and the environment is thriving. With the walkable nature of Downtown Gilbert, it’s perfectly laid out for a pub crawl on a balmy Arizona night.

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