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Just west of Phoenix lies a smaller neighborhood of the metro area called Avondale. It’s tucked in next to Goodyear, but stands out as its own entity. What used to be primarily a farming community in the 1940’s, has transformed into a pristine subdivision of Phoenix. The area is filled with boutique shops, great dining options and is very family friendly.

Avondale is centered around Old Town Avondale, which is where the town was originally settled. While it sounds like this area pays homage to the wild wild west, in fact the area is quite modern. However, the street names remain the same and pay respects to the area’s original settlers. Visitors and locals to Avondale can easily enjoy Western Avenue, as it’s a pedestrian friendly central part of Old Town Avondale. It’s home to award winning restaurants, locally owned businesses and unique buildings to keep you busy.

aerial view of single family homes in Avondale Arizona

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One aspect that is helping the area continue to grow, is that it’s a base for a lot of health and tech related jobs. With these types of jobs comes quite a bit of local affluence, and by local affluence we don’t mean high cost, out of your budget, type of living. But instead, a beautiful way of living and plenty of things to enjoy.

Homes for sale in Avondale, Arizona are a great mix of types and styles. You can find single family detached homes, townhomes and multi family home options. Plus the area is continuing to incentivize builders to build new establishments that are in line with their community standards – pedestrian friendly, trend setting and vibrant places to spend time in.

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