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Living in Mesa, Arizona

Located in the Southeast Valley area of Phoenix, Arizona lies the coveted neighborhood of Mesa, Arizona. This cozy, yet expansive, neighborhood of Phoenix is perfect for those who prefer a suburban lifestyle within the reaches of a major city. Seriously, this area of the Phoenix Metro is in between the major city and a National Forest (Tonto National Forest).

Mesa residents can easily spend the morning hiking through a desert oasis and enjoy a beautiful dinner out on the town all in one day!

downtown Mesa Arizona

Things to know about Mesa, Arizona

Many residents love living in Mesa for its lifestyle and atmosphere. It has that perfect blend we just mentioned of being active and accessible without the fast paced lifestyle of a larger city, but with so much to do; river tubing, horseback riding, boating, etc. And the downtown area of Mesa is very bike friendly and hosts various community events such as Second Fridays. So, you can either take a leisurely stroll through downtown or really get your blood pumping with an outdoor excursion.

Mesa, Arizona is also a hub for arts and entertainment. The neighborhood is home to four different theatres, multiple galleries and exhibition spots for all to enjoy. Plus the food scene in Mesa is expanding more and more each year.


If you’re interested in learning more about the neighborhoods of Mesa, you can check out this post where we go into more detail about what it’s like to live in Mesa, Arizona


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