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Living in Flagstaff, Arizona

The Northern Arizona city of Flagstaff is well loved by anyone who moves here and gets to call this city home. With an incredible climate, so much to do and it’s residents overall lifestyle, Flagstaff is a great place to migrate to.

The city of Flagstaff feels more like a small town, possibly because so much of its population comes from college students. While living in a college town may not sound like your ideal situation, the city is quite calm with students nearby, and as a bonus there are plenty of cultural activities to take part in provided by the local universities.

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What's it like living in Flagstaff?

Flagstaff’s elevation provides incredibly temperate weather year round, but with the benefits of strikingly bright fall colors, and lush spring blooms. Not only is the weather pristine, the city is surrounded by a national forest, the Coconino National Forest.. It’s a perfect place for anyone who enjoys the outdoors (whether you prefer to hike through or would rather gaze from your window).


If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you can easily find an outdoor adventure to your liking here (and maybe a new one to your repertoire!). Flagstaff is close to plenty of hiking paths, mountain biking trails, canyoneering routes, ATV trails and so much more! In fact, you can easily find petroglyphs on your hikes as this area was once inhabited by native americans. The area is brimming with history and local culture.

Flagstaff is also close to the infamous Grand Canyon. Enjoy a short 90-minute ride to reach the Grand Canyon parks official entrance. Only 90 minutes away! How many times have you sat in your car in traffic for that long? Imagine if you could spend that time instead driving to one of the world’s greatest wonders! The city is also in close proximity to Lake Powell, Glen Canyon Dam, Lake Mead and many other incredible outdoor wonders to experience.


Possibly what we love most about Flagstaff (besides the great weather and ease of access to outdoor activities) is it’s value to green living. The city has a sustainability program and a sustainable building program, both of which are geared toward the city transitioning to green living lifestyle. There are also bike to work programs and plenty of green builders in the area for anyone looking to build or remodel their home in Flagstaff.


With so much going for Flagstaff, it’s no wonder that it’s becoming increasingly popular to move to. Ask us how we can help you find the perfect home in the Flagstaff, Arizona area today!

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