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Living in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona

Downtown Phoenix is an exciting neighborhood in the Phoenix Metro area! This is the heart of the entire city, where most things are hustling and bustling, and where you can find some of the best entertainment in all of Phoenix.

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Living in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona

Downtown Phoenix is known as the central business district to the city and located right in the heart of Valley of the Sun. Or, as we like to see it, it’s central because every other neighborhood was built around the downtown area. This area of Phoenix is where a majority of business employment is located in the region. Each one of these downtown skyscrapers is home to a variety of prominent banks, corporations, legal institutions, and is where the Maricopa county politics and government take place.


But besides a lot of employment opportunities, downtown Phoenix is home to live concert events and major league sporting events, such as the Arizona Cardinals (NFL) and Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB). Plus there is no shortage of rooftop lounges, art galleries, unique museums and plenty of delicious eateries to enjoy here.


Almost all residential options in downtown Phoenix are apartments and condominium units. It’s difficult to place an average cost to purchase a place in downtown Phoenix because there are so many options and ranges from standard to luxury buildings. However, we suggest that your median home price would start around $450,000.


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